Jose Bautista

Count me in on the Jose Bautista doubters heading into the 2011 season.  I assumed that hitting 54 HR in 2010 was his Brady Anderson year.  I am ashamed to say that I am as wrong as Harold Camping…ZING!!!  Bautista hit 2 HR today, upping his total to 18 in just 37 games thus far.  His 1.350 OPS is incredible but his current pace of 65 HR is still a little less prolific than Barry Bonds (sarcasm).  Bautista can thank Dwayne Murphy, Toronto’s hitting coach, for the new swing.  The use of a leg kick for timing and a coiling motion that rivals Tim Lincecum’s windup on the mound creates this monstrous power.  To think, Bautista was acquired for a player to be named later, Robinzon Diaz (now with Texas’ AAA affiliate in Round Rock).

This guy has incredible power and a solid batting eye.  At some point pitchers will give him the Bonds treatment, as his 38 BB already leads the Majors.  With Aaron Hill finally coming around and Adam Lind due back next week, Bautista and the Jays should only get better.  Don’t be surprised if this team sits at the top of the AL East as soon as 2012.  They have talent in the Minors, pitching depth, and talent already in place in Toronto.  It’s highly unlikely that they overtake the powerful Red Sox, but the aging Yankees could soon fall below them.


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