Guess Who May Not Suck…

Jerry “Pulling His Head Out of the” Sands…Ok, so that was terrible, but he is showing signs of life.  He’s 23 and playing LF/1B for the Dodgers, who still choose to run out James Loney and Jay Gibbons on occasion in those two positions.  Sands is only sporting a .239/.343/.413 split, but he is hitting .467 with 2 HR, 2 2B, and 6 RBI in his last four starts.  The 6’4″ outfielder has some pop and some patience, a 22/15 K/BB, so he could finally be making the adjustments needed to thrive.  The Dodgers could stand to let a prospect or two thrive, as they may need to trade some pieces to pay for McCourt’s divorce, so Sands could become a valuable asset as Frank McCourt loses his…ass…ets…


What do you think?

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