What is Wrong With: Hanley Ramirez

We know that HanRam has issues with his leg and back right now, but he has had issues with his bat all season long.  2011 has not been kind to the World’s Most Powerful Shortstop, but there are some trends to look at to have confidence in an eventual outburst of offense.  Much like when I called out Albert Pujols on May 30th, I am going to help Hanley Ramirez take off, as well, as Pujols has gone .435/.518/1.043 with 2 2B, 4 HR, and 9 RBI in 5 games since then.

Ramirez is a lifetime .307/.380/.509 hitter, while having a .340 average on balls put in play (BABIP) over his career.  Certainly the power hasn’t been there this season, as he is hitting just .210/.306/.309 with just 10 extra-base hits in 181 at bats, but the hope lies in the fact that Ramirez has a .236 BABIP this season.  He has been quite unlucky on balls that he has put in play, which opens the door for the rebound.

His overall numbers won’t come close to his 2008 and 2009 seasons, but he is just 27.  While I discussed players who fall off when I was comparing Dale Murphy and Albert Pujols last week, Ramirez is a different kind of player, physically especially.  If his position is going to eat him alive and make him age quicker, as it is a demanding position, he could be moved to the outfield, where his bat and speed would still leave him an elite fantasy star.

Once he gets healthy, it is only a matter of time before Hanley Ramirez absolutely blows up offensively.  I am blown away that the Marlins are just two games back of the Phillies as I write this, with little to no help from their superstar.  With a solid group of young arms and offensive talent coming alive with Morrison, Sanchez, Coghlan and the rest, the Marlins will be a competitive team down the stretch with Ramirez leading the charge.


What do you think?

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