Where Are They Now…2006 MLB 1st Round Draft

It takes several years for MLB Draftees to actually reach the Majors.  The developmental process, and the fact that there is a Minor League system, is a good reason for that.  Some players get to the Majors quickly, others fizzle well before coming close.  Five years ago, these 30 players were drafted in the 1st round of the 2006 MLB Draft.  How did the teams do?  Where are they now?  Here is your answer:

1 – Royals: Luke Hochevar, RHP: The epitome of inconsistency, Hochevar thrills you with one brilliant start in between disasters.  Still just 27, he holds a
career 22-38 record and a 5.53 ERA.

2 – Rockies: Greg Reynolds, RHP: The big (6’7”) righty out
of Stanford has pitched miserably in AAA, as the Pacific Coast League and its
hitter’s parks have been unkind to him.  He got a taste of the Majors in 2008 (8.13 ERA in 14 games) and finally got back this year with injuries to the Rockies staff.  He is 4-8 with a 7.23 ERA in the Majors.

3 – Rays: Evan Longoria, 3B: The offensive star of the draft, Longoria has played in 462 games already in the Majors, hitting .280 with 86 homers.  He is a perennial All-Star.

4 – Pirates: Brad Lincoln, RHP: 1-4 with a 6.66 ERA in 9 starts (11 appearances), the 26-year-old hasn’t been very impressive and is currently in AAA.

5 – Mariners: Brandon Morrow, RHP: After being traded to the
Jays, Morrow was converted to a starter where he seems to still be working on
his skills.  He looks like a possible ace when his control is on and he has high strikeout rates, but he isn’t a finished product still.  20-22, 4.29 ERA, and 16 saves.

6 – Tigers: Andrew Miller, LHP: Traded to the Marlins in the Miguel Cabrera deal by the Tigers, Miller’s control was his major issue during his failures in Florida.  He is currently pitching well for Boston’s AAA team, though he has still walked 34 in 53 1/3 IP.  Miller is 15-26 with a 5.84 ERA at the age of 26.

7 – Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, LHP: Another gem from the draft, this young lefty, 23, never pitched above AA in the Minors and is the ace of the Dodgers until McCourt sells him to make payroll.  Kershaw is 32-26 with a 3.26 ERA in 96

8 – Reds: Drew Stubbs, OF: Stubbs is now the starting CF in Cincy, displaying tremendous range and speed in the outfield, along with power, a low average, and high strikeout totals – exactly what was expected of him when he was drafted.  I like to think of him as a Caucasian-version of Mike Cameron, as his skills and production seem to match up pretty well.  Stubbs has a .259 AVG and 37 HR in 936 AB.

9 – Orioles: Billy Rowell, 3B: Just 22, Rowell has struggled to reach his expected production, still sitting in AA.  He has just 39 HR in 1873 AB in the Minors.

10 – Giants: Tim Lincecum, RHP: Two Cy Young Awards, one World Series championship…is he too small now? Stud. 61-31 with a 3.00 ERA.

11 – Diamondbacks: Max Scherzer, RHP: Traded to the Tigers, sent to the Minors last season before being re-called and looking like a Cy Young candidate, Scherzer has done pretty well for the Tigers.  He seems to be a solid #2 starter for Detroit for a long time, or at least until Porcello or Turner bump him from the
spot.  27-28, 3.79 ERA.

12 – Rangers: Kasey Kiker, LHP: Still just 23, Kiker is back in the High-A Carolina League for Texas. He is now a relief prospect after making 96 starts in the Minors.  His control is an issue. The Rangers depth makes him very unlikely to make the Majors for their squad.

13 – Cubs: Tyler Colvin, OF: After hitting 20 HR in just 358 AB last season, many were ready for Colvin to become a major factor in Chicago this season.  However, he is in Iowa, so that hasn’t happened.  He has a .225 AVG and 22 HR in 448 MLB AB.

14 – Blue Jays: Travis Snider, OF: A big time prospect who just hasn’t put it together in the Majors, Snider is just 23, but he hasn’t made consistent contact in the Majors, striking out 202 times in 699 at bats.  He has hit 26 HR but has a .246
AVG.  He still has a future, but he seems to have lost his motivation with just 1 HR in AAA this year.

15 – Nationals: Chris Marrero, OF: Once the top prospect for the Nationals, Marrero turns 23 in July and is in AAA.  He seemed to be on the fast track to
Washington until he spent parts of three seasons in the Carolina League
(High-A).  He seems to have solid but not spectacular plate discipline and power and should be the Nats 1B in the near future.

16 – Brewers: Jeremy Jeffress, RHP: Blows smoke (marijuana
suspensions) and throws smoke (100+ mph fastball), Jeffress has made 24 appearances in the Majors and now looks like a major piece of the Royals bullpen.  He has posted a 3.91 ERA.

17 – Padres: Matt Antonelli, 3B: Broke out in the California League (hitter’s league) in 2007.  Played in 21 games for the Padres in 2008…hasn’t been up since.  Antonelli’s star has faded and at 26, he doesn’t seem to be a major part of the team’s future.  .193 AVG and 1 HR in 57 AB.

18 – Phillies: Kyle Drabek, RHP: The major piece in the Roy Halladay trade, Drabek is a middle of the rotation arm stuck in the prospect hype machine that made him seem like a #1 starter or ace.  He is 3-7 with a 4.71 ERA in 15 games in his brief career.  He should be solid but isn’t much more than an innings-eater long-term.

19 – Marlins: Brett Sinkbeil, RHP: At the age of 26 and currently in the Florida State League (High-A) for the Pirates, Sinkbeil may be detailing cars soon.  He made three appearances for the Marlins in 2010 walking 5 in 2 IP.

20 – Twins: Chris Parmelee, OF: At just 23, Parmelee has a chance still.  He has done a nice job with his plate discipline in the last couple of seasons, but he needs to start moving soon if he is going to be a regular at any point in his career.  He is in AA now for the Twins.

21 – Yankees: Ian Kennedy, RHP: Kennedy looks like a potential ace right now for the Diamondbacks, but it wasn’t always pretty.  The former Trojan is 16-16 with a 4.05 ERA over 58 games.  He is just 26 and looks like a solid starter for the foreseeable future.

22 – Nationals: Colton Willems, RHP: Retired…he is just 22.

23 – Astros: Maxwell Sapp, C: The Astros released him in May of 2010.  Sapp hadn’t played for nearly two years after nearly dying from seizures caused by meningitis.  He was 30-90 days from being able to resume baseball activities.  He hasn’t latched on anywhere else.  Nice move, Houston.

24 – Braves: Cody Johnson, OF: Absolutely HUGE strikeout numbers, he is now organizational depth for the Yankees in AA.  Not yet 23, he hasn’t made it above AA yet, but he has clubbed 103 HR in his career.

25 – Angels: Hank Conger, C: Hitting just .221 with 3 HR in 136 AB, Conger is the next Mike Napoli – the great hitting catcher who Mike Scoscia won’t play because of his fascination with Jeff Mathis.  Conger has plenty of power and is just 23.

26 – Dodgers: Bryan Morris, RHP: He has posted solid but not
spectacular numbers in the Minors, he is 24 and hasn’t pitched above AA.

27 – Red Sox: Jason Place, OF: At 23, he is a DH for the Tampa Yankees in the High-A Florida State League.  Not a prospect.

28 – Red Sox: Daniel Bard, RHP: An electric arm who should take Papelbon’s closer role at some point, Bard is 4-8 in 150 games with a 2.70 ERA.

29 – White Sox: Kyle McCulloch, RHP: The 26-year-old still hasn’t reached the Majors, and he is now in AA for Cincinnati, which means he could be a bullpen call up at some point this year.

30 – Cardinals: Adam Ottavino, RHP: At 25, Ottavino looks like organizational depth for the Cards in AAA since his name isn’t Carlos Martinez or Shelby Miller.  He hasn’t reached the Majors yet and doesn’t look like someone who should.


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