The McCourt Mess

Today, Bud Selig rejected the TV deal that the Dodgers had in place with Fox.  The deal would have put money into the McCourt’s pockets, money that they would have used to deal in their personal financial turmoil, caused by the greed and disgust of their divorce.  While the two have had personal issues, the Dodgers have paid the price, as Jamie McCourt sought “her half” of the Dodgers, as finances for the split led to a halt in free agency acquisitions and personal expenses increased, as money was consumed by the split.

As a divorcee, I blame her…but these two are about as idiotic in this mess as they could get.  At no point was there a simple agreement to split things evenly.  The fact that they used the teams finances as their own pocketbook brings the show “Arrested Development” to mind: the family wanted control of a company worth nothing because the lavish lifestyles of the owner and the family was created through the finances of the corporation…not real profits or income.  Jamie McCourt, who was originally seeking $1 million per month in alimony (hahaha!!!  who is worth that?), will now start over with Frank on an agreement, as the Fox deal was the only reason that the agreement was made.  Based on the Fox deal, a judge would then decide if the Dodgers were common property or sole possession of Frank McCourt.  From there, if it was just Frank’s, Jamie McCourt would receive $100 million, the couple’s seven luxury homes and indemnity from any tax liability.  If deemed a joint possession, the team, the stadium and the surrounding parking lots, with an estimated value of close to $1 billion, and the McCourts would split the proceeds 50-50.

The best thing for the Dodgers, regardless of the McCourt’s wants, or even Fay Vincent, is to sell to the highest bidder, even if it is Mark Cuban.  Los Angeles is a powerful, rich city who deserves the same devoted ownership and financial backing that the Steinbrenner family has given to New York.  This has gone on far too long for the fans, even if they don’t get there until the 3rd inning, as they are dedicated to this team.  Ownership screwed Brooklyn and they can’t do it to Los Angeles decades later.  Major League Baseball can’t allow it to happen.  The best thing that could happen is for the Dodgers to miss payroll at the end of the month so that Major League Baseball can take it over and start the steps to sell the team to an owner who isn’t a self-centered turd, with a soon-to-be ex-wife who is just looking for a free handout.


What do you think?

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