Quitters: The Way to Prove Your Point

Thanks to Jim Riggleman for showing the world that, in these tough economic times, there is no job security worth giving up your livelihood for.  Why make $600,000 a year filling out lineup cards and watching 25 men play a game when you can sit at home and see how slim Drew Carey has gotten on “The Price is Right?”  Good call.  This is about greed and wants, not about the love of the game.  Riggleman is still young, especially when people as old as Yoda, yes I’m talking about McKeon, are managing in the Majors now, and he just committed career suicide.  Maybe someone will give him a three-year deal for going 662-824, including 140-172 for the Nationals, but he has to take over as interim manager for someone who gets fired before that happens again.  Does “interim” mean permanent now?  I didn’t think so.

Jim Riggleman had some valid points, but his track record wasn’t one of them.  A .445 career winning percentage is just not good enough to take this type of hard-nosed stand.  Winning 11 of 12 games is fantastic, getting production out of talented youngsters like Danny Espinosa is also great, but it isn’t enough.  The Nationals could have been considered an expansion team, that’s how bad they were at some points since their move from Montreal.  This is their best run since moving to Washington.  Time to cash in?

This is like the Mortgage Specialist saying the housing crisis is over after one good month.  This is like George Dubya saying “Mission Accomplished” May 1st EIGHT YEARS ago when there are still troops overseas.  This is like the Yankees having a youth movement when they only  have two position playing starters are making less than $4 million this season.  This is like the time the manager quit because his teams had a combined ONE WHOLE SEASON, 162 games, of under .500 baseball under his watch, but he still wanted a long-term deal.  Congrats Riggs, you just joined some pretty elite idiots.


What do you think?

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