How to Get to Third Base…

Someone needs to point this out to Major League teams because suddenly, there aren’t any reliable hot corner players in the world of fantasy baseball.  If you were lucky enough to snag Alex Rodriguez, congratulations, maybe Cameron Diaz will feed you popcorn when you win your league title.  Unfortunately, there is an interesting fall off from there.  A-Rod has done a nice job with his .300/.377/.513 slash with his 13 HR and 51 RBI.  The only 3B outperforming him, at least in run production, is Adrian Beltre, who is sporting a .263/.308/.461 slash with  14 HR and 56 RBI.  Kevin Youkilis is right behind with a .272/.394/.490 slash with 11 HR and 55 RBI.  Rounding out the top producers are Aramis “Contract Year” Ramirez (.291/.338/.446, 8 HR, 37 RBI), Mark “Homer or Strikeout” Reynolds (.227/.356/.463, 14 HR, 38 RBI), Chipper Jones (.257/.342/.444, 7 HR, 43 RBI), and Placido “I Slap the Ball” Polanco (.289/.341/.366, 4 HR, 39 RBI).

Once the familiar, somewhat, productive names disappear, you see Chase Headley, Ryan Roberts, and Ty Wigginton in the fantasy top 10.  Ty Wigginton?  Are you kidding me!?  Scott Rolen is old, Evan Longoria is finally coming around after battling an injury, David Wright broke his back after carrying Jose Reyes’ hype for three years, Pablo Sandoval had a broken wrist and has come back looking like the rest of the league’s 3B, Ryan Zimmerman has been hurt, and if someone finds the Chone Figgins who used to be useful on the Angels, let the Seattle P.D. know where he is, as his contract has been a larceny.

The future hasn’t really worked out either.  Mike Moustakas has driven himself in on a solo homer, then, stopped.  He still hasn’t had an RBI since June 11th when he hit his first and only homer.  Brett Lawrie had his wrist broken, Ian Stewart has been a total bust since he “broke out” with his 25 HR, .225 AVG 2009 campaign, and Pedro Alvarez is hurt, leaving behind a .208/.283/.304 slash with 10 HR and 38 RBI in his 36 games played (truly making his “when he makes contact” moments count).

So what happens from here…Sit back and wait for Lonnie Chisenhall, Brett Lawrie, Mike Moustakas, Zack Cox, Todd Frazier, Alex Liddi, Matt Dominguez, Nolan Arenado, Jefry Marte, and James Darnell?  Hope for rebounds from the injuries and slow starts?  Go all in on David Freese or Casey McGehee.  Just hope that your pitching is stronger than your offense?  Ouch…Getting to third base is a lot harder these days.


4 thoughts on “How to Get to Third Base…

  1. LOL I loved the part about David Wright carrying Jose Reyes for 3 a mets fan
    Really nice piece, do you have a twitter?


  2. I am on Twitter: cincyredsox, you can see my feed on the right side of the page. It is mostly just ReTweets from viable beat writers. Thanks for the comment and I hope you keep reading! Tell your friends and we’ll take over ESPN together.


    1. Ah, just follow you, I am @TheSportzGuru

      Me and my sports blogging friends have a little thing we call #SportsBlogMovement, if you look on my blog you can see the icon on the right side of the page.

      It’s just a group of sports bloggers looking to get recognized, every day some1 new joins, we’ll welcome you with open arms if you wanna be in.
      Same, my friends and I are planning to take over ESPN


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