Guess Who Doesn’t Suck…June Star Pitchers

These guys have done an amazing job so far in June.  Keep an eye on them from here on out, hoping they don’t hit a wall, as they are good buy options right now.  I have excluded guys you would know to look for, such as Justin Verlander and Cliff Lee.

Jordan Zimmerman: 3-1, 0.85 ERA, 42 1/3 IP, 27/7 K/BB, .216 BAA

Carlos Carrasco: 4-2, 1.90 ERA, 42 2/3 IP, 28/7 K/BB, .196 BAA

Tim Stauffer: 3-2, 1.98 ERA, 41 IP, 37/8 K/BB, .209 BAA

Joakim Soria: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 12 IP, 10 G, 12/2 K/BB, 6 SV, .098 BAA – Remember when he lost his job?  He’s an elite closer again.

Johnny Cueto: 3-0, 1.51 ERA, 35 2/3 IP, 28/8 K/BB, .168 BAA

Scott Baker: 4-2, 2.45 ERA, 44 IP, 40/9 K/BB, .236 BAA

Try to grab these guys cheap while you can.


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