Wily Mo Pena, Fun Facts: NEW HR KING

Wily Mo Pena is doing what he has always done: hit massive homeruns.  He is also striking out at alarming amounts, just like he has always done.  Pena fun facts:

1) If you take what he has done over his first 39 AB and put that over a 600 plate appearance season, Pena would be hitting: .205/.205/.590 with 107 HR, 108 RBI, and 261 strikeouts.

In 39 at bats, he has put the ball in play in just 22 of them, striking out 17 times    or 43.5% of his at bats.

2) Of the 22 times he has put the ball in play, 5 of the times have been homeruns and 8 of them have gone for hits.

3) Pena is just 29 years old, even though he made his Major League debut back in 2002.

4) He signed a Major League contract as a 17-year-old, forcing him to be on the 40-man roster, and he had to be on the 25-man roster by 2003 or be subject to waivers.

Give this man a job as a DH and see what happens!  What an incredible journey Pena has had on his battle back to the Majors and relevance.  He is young enough to create a career still and he is certainly fun to watch.



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