LaRussa Keeps Them Coming

After Takashi Saito hit Albert Pujols in the 7th inning on Tuesday with TWO ON AND TWO OUT, LaRussa has Jason Motte not only throw at Ryan Braun once (at 98 mph) but a second time (at 97 mph), hitting him in the back.  Saito is 41-years-old, he has made 304 appearances in the Majors, facing over 1200 batters.  He had hit 12 of them up until tonight.  He throws a pitch that breaks in that he releases like a fastball that slips like a circle-change, which forces it to tail in on right-handed hitters.  That is what happened.

Tony LaRussa is playing his own game.  He acts like the only players who get hit are hit on purpose, that every single HBP deserves a retaliation, that he knows all and everyone else is wrong.  He did it again with Colby Rasmus, then blasted Rasmus’ FATHER after the Cardinals traded the kid!  Tonight was another example of this guy’s narcissism and idiocy.  Jason Motte wasn’t thrown out of the game.  I don’t know what the hell the umpires were thinking tonight, but it is clear that they weren’t.  LaRussa should be suspended for a week.  Motte should get five games.  Saito shouldn’t get anything.  A mistake, not a wrong, was retaliated by a narcissist, Tony LaRussa.  “Protecting” his players by whining like a baby and complaining about the air in the stadium not being as good as the other team’s air.  Whatever he can find.  He has created a culture of bitching and moaning.


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