Create a Pitcher – The Best Pitches in Baseball

If you could take the best pitches by the best pitchers and create a monster, whose pitches would you take?  Below are the best pitches in baseball.

FastballJustin Verlander, RHP, Tigers

His average fastball velocity is 95.0 this season and I have seen him hit 98 mph on the gun in the 9th inning this season.  While others break 100 mph consistently, the fact that Verlander can maintain the velocity that he does at 90-110 pitches is incredible.

*Honorable Mention: Stephen Strasburg, RHP, Nationals, 97.4 mph (career); Aroldis Chapman, LHP, Reds, 98.2 mph; Michael Pineda, RHP, Mariners, 94.3 mph; David Price, LHP, Rays, 94.7 mph; Ubaldo Jimenez, RHP, Indians, 95.6 mph (career);

CurveballAdam Wainwright, RHP, Cardinals

Sure, he isn’t pitching this year, but if he comes back with half of his usual stuff, it is filthy.  His 91 mph fastball, 82 mph change and 74 mph curve give him enough to leave batters guessing and struggling.

* Honorable Mention: Stephen Strasburg, RHP, Nationals (82.2 mph for his career, devastating power-curve); Gavin Floyd, RHP, White Sox; Wandy Rodriguez, LHP, Astros;

SliderZack Greinke, RHP, Brewers

Greinke’s 28.4% K-rate in 2011 is the best of his career and he is also throwing his slider a career high 19.1% of the time.  Not a coincidence.

* Honorable Mention: Ryan Dempster, RHP, Cubs; Aroldis Chapman, LHP, Reds;

CutterMariano Rivera, RHP, Yankees

Like it would be anyone else.  No one else is going to be on this list.  When a guy has ONE PITCH and they still can’t hit it, you know.

ChangeTim Lincecum, RHP, Giants

Lincecum’s unique delivery and 9 mph difference between his fastball and change are part of the reason why he is 69-39 in his career.

* Honorable Mention: C.C. Sabathia, LHP, Yankees; James Shields, RHP, Rays; Johan Santana, LHP, Mets (would have ranked higher if his shoulder didn’t look like a butcher shop);

Knuckle/Knuckle-CurveTim Wakefield, RHP, Red Sox

He’s been doing it for 19 years and he has perfected it to win 200 games in his career.  Wake has thrown his floater 93.4% of the time since the start of 2007.

*Honorable Mention: Roy Halladay (Knuckle-Curve), RHP, Phillies; R.A. Dickey, RHP, Mets;

Sinker/SplitterDan Haren, RHP, Angels

A 47.5% groundball rate over his career, Haren is different from other sinker/splitter pitchers in that he racks up a high number of strikeouts, too.

* Honorable Mention: Fausto Carmona, RHP, Indians; Justin Masterson, RHP, Indians; Chien-Ming Wang, RHP, Nationals;


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