New York Cheap Shots

Starting Eduardo Nunez, Brandon Laird and Dellin Betances against the David Price led Rays as they battle for their playoff lives is one thing, but taking Jose Reyes out of, what could be, his last game as a Met to help him win a batting title, that’s another.  New York had some interesting approaches to the game of baseball today, a game that is so honorably held by some as a gentleman’s game.  As the Baseball Writer’s Association sinks their feet into the “holier-than-thou” approach to the Steroid Era and the likes of Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, and Mark McGwire, you probably won’t see a whole lot of outrage over these moves today.

Certainly, Boston fans are questioning the so-called effort that the Yankees are making, but what about the Mets move to Ryan Braun?  Braun has played all season, not taking a couple of stops on the Disabled List like Jose Reyes always seems to do.  Braun’s possible percentage point shortage to Reyes is disgusting, especially when you see that Braun had 625 plate appearances to Reyes’ 585.  Braun’s overall production had him in the top of the National League in average (2nd, .335), homers (6th, 33) and RBI (4th, 111).  Now, Reyes, who was pulled from the game after getting a hit in his first at bat (ya gotta pad those stats, right?) is the front-runner for the title.

As a fan of baseball, I enjoy the Rays run to the Wild Card.  I wouldn’t mind seeing the small market beat out Boston, but baseball and ESPN would hate that, as would the ratings.  New York and the other major markets suck the life out of fans in Tampa, Kansas City, and Oakland with their spending, but they shouldn’t suck the life out of the game.  Minor injuries aside, the Yankees should be doing everything they could to knock the Rays out of the playoffs.  They should WANT Boston in the playoffs after they have been choking themselves for the entire month and will be entering the playoffs with no pulse.  You want to get at the Red Sox fan base?  Let them into the playoffs to get swept!  You don’t want any part of a hot Tampa team in the playoffs.  The same goes for Reyes.  It will be interesting if Braun goes 3 for 4 tonight and wins the batting title all because Reyes and the Mets didn’t pad the stats enough.  Cheap ways to end the season.  Cheap shots to the gentleman’s game.  We’ll see if anyone has the balls to rip New York apart on the major networks, though.  It wouldn’t be good for ratings.


2 thoughts on “New York Cheap Shots

  1. Growing up in Massachusetts, living and dying with every Redsox season was instilled into my life at an early age. And although I tend to cringe at every negative comment towards my team, I can’t help but agree with your comment about the Sox’s lackluster September reflecting negatively upon ESPN and television ratings. Now that I live the Cincinnati area I do love the fact that I get a lot of Redsox info from ESPN, but I have heard more than once about how the “oldest team in baseball,” the Reds, and other teams get snubbed by all the major market clubs. A perfect example is how the Reds were screwed over by not having the first game of the season next year (given to the expansion Marlins instead), and to top it off having their first home game of the season on Good Friday, a very important day for downtown Cincinnati. The commissioner and his gaggle of goons needs to protect baseball tradition a little better than that.

    As far as cheap baseball is concerned, I was appalled when Reyes was taken out of the game. I was listening to that game on the radio. Yes, it worked out for Reyes, but will he feel like he fully earned it? In 1941, the Splendid Splinter was batting at .400 entering the final day of the season and Boston had a doubleheader against Philadelphia. Williams had the option of sitting out that day but refused, saying “I would not have deserved .400 if I didn’t play that day.” Williams went 6 for 8 that day, and the rest is (obviously) history. THAT is how you play a gentleman’s game.


    1. Has Reyes “earned” anything in his career? He’s going to get $20 million/year for being capable of hitting .330 with 20 HR and 50 SB. He can’t stay on the field due to being as brittle as an 86-year-old woman. He’s going to just sit back, take his batting championship and get his. The sport, and sports in general, continue to change. There is so much money in it that this is what people get. Sure, he won and how many people respect him for that? Adam Dunn still sucked this year, whether the White Sox sat him on the bench so he didn’t qualify for a full season or not. Reyes is just another guy who played in 120 games who had a nice season. Lets see him be elite for 162 games and maybe he’ll be worth the money he is going to steal this offseason.


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