Ratings Fail

I understand that Major League Baseball has sold rights to the Turner Network, but something needs to be done about having a deciding game on a cable network instead of a national broadcast.  I’m one of the few who don’t have cable.  I watch my MLB through MLB.TV online and on a Roku attached to the internet and a television.  With that being said, I don’t get any games that are shown on Fox or a cable network since Time Warner Cable is offered in the Cincinnati-area.

The issue is this: If Texas lost to Detroit on Saturday, forcing a game seven, those two teams would have played on Fox in the afternoon, around 4:15 PM, and the Brewers and Cardinals would have played on Fox at 8:00 PM.  Since Texas bent Detroit over without KY Jelly, MLB moved the game to one of the cable networks while Fox plays The X-Factor.  Simon Cowell is great…playoff baseball has been greater.

MLB has had excitement overload in the final weeks of the regular season and even great baseball in the Divisional Series and Championship series to this point; however, they really dropped the ball here.  The greatest number of eyes is what the sport needs to re-establish itself as America’s game, continuing to win back fans who they lost and gain fans who never thought much of it.

I admit that I am in the minority when it comes to not paying for cable, but I can get everything except second-rate college games, Monday Night football, and now, meaningful baseball games, on network television.  Sue me.  I’m a fan who deserves better and leagues who are looking to rebuild their foundation of fandom should really look into re-visiting basic television for their viewerships.  I think CBS could eliminate one of their eight CSI spinoffs to play a game in the middle of the week, there are only sixty shows that are exactly the same that can be viewed later in the week.


2 thoughts on “Ratings Fail

  1. The fact that the NBA airs so many playoff games on cable opened the door for MLB. In the long term this really could go either way. Many people are eschewing cable TV since they can watch games and their favorite shows online. On the flip sides cable networks can offer more money than terrestrial broadcasters since they receive money from subscriptions and advertising, Other than the NFL most televised sports could migrate to cable. It’ll be interesting to see.


    1. We should also add the question “What in the hell format are these Fox games on, anyways?” I have a Hi-Def TV, and I put it on to watch the game (I have Time Warner, sucka!) and can’t even see what the friggin’ score is! Get with the program, Fox!


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