#@%$ Yeah!

Ron Washington has foul language.  If you haven’t heard his Game Seven pep-talk, you can find it here: http://vimeo.com/31675320

There are a lot of F-bombs here from everyone in the clubhouse.  Who cares?  These are grown men!  These men were in a war that evening to win the first championship in franchise history.  Ron Washington messed up when he was snorting cocaine a couple of years ago, but he didn’t do anything wrong here.  If anyone was offended in that clubhouse, they could have got up and left, they could have said something to him about toning it down.  Anyone who is listening to it now and is offended by it…well, you can go $%&@ yourself because it wasn’t meant for you.  Whoever leaked this information did so to a St. Louis blog.  Do you think that Cardinals would be offended by that?  Sure…if they are as soft as a pillowtop mattress, which is their own problem.  Get over it.  People need to deal with the fact that some things aren’t meant for them.  That pep-talk was meant for 25 men on the Rangers playoff roster and the coaches in the room.  Anyone calling for Washington’s head due to his language should take a look in the mirror and ask if they’ve ever thrown up a middle finger when they got cut off in the car, if they’ve ever spoke negatively about another person, or wonder how many other people got the live shot of Tony LaRussa dropping a “God Damn!  Jesus Christ!  Get that Asshole out!” like he did during Game Six on Fox.  If you’re playing the St. Louis blog card, there you go.  If you’re playing the holier than thou card…get over yourself.


One thought on “#@%$ Yeah!

  1. It is so ridiculous that the media made a big deal out of that AND that some asshole in the Texas clubhouse recorded it and published it!!


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