Jonathan Schoop

Sometimes guys show a lot of tools early in their Minor League careers, like Brandon Wood hitting 43 homers in 2005 in the California League, only to flame out, like Brandon Wood has for the Angels and Pirates at the age of 27, and never amount to anything near what they were supposed to, like Brandon Wood of the Colorado Rockies…

Then, there are other guys who show tools and work out, like Mike Stanton, who hit 39 homers in his first full season in the Minors in 2008 and now has 56 homers in 250 Major League games.

Jon Schoop was a shortstop and will probably be a third baseman for the Orioles.  He turned 20-years-old in October, so he played all of 2011 as a 19-year-old.  Keep that in mind when you see that he posted these numbers:

DEL SAL .316 51 212 45 67 12 3 8 34 109 20 32 6 4 .376 .514 .890
FRE CAR .271 77 299 37 81 12 2 5 37 112 22 44 6 3 .329 .375 .704
Minors .290 128 511 82 148 24 5 13 71 221 42 76 12 7 .349 .432 .781


So, he didn’t hit 43 homers like Wood or 39 like Stanton.  He did have solid gap power with his 29 combined doubles and triples PLUS the ability to hit for power with 13 bombs.  13 isn’t a number that would strike fear into pitchers, but it will be.  At 6’1″, 187 pounds, Schoop will fill out.  He is the type of guy that Dynasty League fantasy nerds need to check out.  He’s young, projectable and he plays for a bad team…all of that means that he will move, move quickly and earn a shot sooner than later to play in Baltimore.  Schoop showed solid plate discipline and stole 12 bases.  While his OPS and SLG could leave you wishing for more right now, he is a guy that should be tucked away.  Keep your eyes peeled to his stats.  He’ll possibly start the year in High-A again, but if he shows the same skills he did in his 77 games there in 2011, he’ll be one of the younger players in Double-A.


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