Voting: A non-Baseball Blog

* This is a political rant and my own opinion. While this is a baseball blog, it is also my blog. Feel free to comment, disagree, or not read, but make sure you vote today. *

My wife’s grandfather fought in World War II and she has told me that, over the years, he has never been able to tell stories about what he did or what he saw. He was in the Navy and he was fighting in the Pacific, which I’ve read and seen documentaries that show the gore and devastation that occurred there.

The man fought to save the free world from the monsters who were trying to expand their territories, destroying entire civilizations and races along the way. He fought at sea and abroad because America wanted to keep the war from arriving here, but the Pearl Harbor attack truly woke up the minds of those who felt that neutrality was the correct approach.

Since World War II, America has been the world police, stepping in to eliminate¬†leaderships of suppression and determining the world’s point of view on social issues.

People have and will continue to die to protect our rights and freedoms, and there are still rights and freedoms that many in our own country have been unable to gain.

For that reason, I am voting today and I am voting for Barack Obama. To me, Obama still provides the hope and change that America needs, building a foundation of equality and action to provide the greatest number of opportunities to the greatest number of people. As a Christian, I feel that this is the correct approach, while others say that Jesus wasn’t Robin Hood and that providing opportunities for all people is Socialism.

The opportunities that people have to earn, rather than having the right to those opportunities, is the reason that we are at war with other nations. Our democracy allows Americans to attain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It wasn’t set up to discriminate due to your gender, race, socio-economic class, or sexual orientation. The value of the individual human being is not our decision or judgment, but we are to provide what we can to each human being so that they have a chance to build and attain that value.

When Mitt Romney questioned the effort of 47 percent of Americans, told the world that we don’t need more teachers, and agrees with self-deportation of “illegal immigrants” who are just trying to create value in their lives and their family’s, I was sold on anyone but him.

The future depends on your vote today, and whether you agree with my vote or not, make sure that you get out there and make your voice heard. The lives of many who have and will fall for your right to do so depend on it, so, too, do the rights of those who are still looking for equality in our own nation.



What do you think?

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