Thanks for Reading

I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken time to stop in here and support the site and the efforts here.

Today, The Baseball Haven eclipsed 100,000 reads. I started writing in May of 2011 at the request of my then-fiancee, who thought that I should do something with my writing skills (I graduated that month with an English degree) and my passion for baseball.

While ESPN gets 100,000 hits in minutes each day, the life of a lowly blogger is a bit more challenging. I’ve utilized different tools and tried to enhance tagging abilities, but I’ve never spent a penny on advertising or finding a program to help target an audience.

Tremendous friends, social networking, and a lot of luck has got me to where I am with this site and I hope that I can provide a great reading experience for those that stop by.

With my 301st career post, thanks for supporting me and my sick, sick passion for baseball. Thanks for being patient if you check the site often, as this month has been a bit chaotic, with very little free time. I promise to do better…because things are just getting started on the 2013 season and I’m about to blow a lid off this mug…

Atomic bomb mushroom cloud explosion

Welcome to the 2013 MLB season:


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