12-0= All Star Starter

Scherzer2Max Scherzer is now 12-0, which means that he has gone 20-2 with a 2.91 ERA and a 1.01 ERA over 31 starts and 200.2 innings since the All Star break in 2012. His 241:52 K:BB over that time frame shows the ability of the Detroit Tigers 2006 first round pick, as he has become the most dominant starter in the Detroit rotation, including Justin Verlander.

While Scherzer doesn’t have the 1.71 ERA that Clay Buchholz possesses or the 143 strikeouts that Yu Darvish has compiled, but he does have one thing working in his favor: Jim Leyland, his manager, is going to be the American League manager in New York next month.

After leading MLB in K/9 in 2012 (11.1), Scherzer is now allowing the fewest hits per nine in the AL this year (6.0), and after having Similarity Scores (Baseball Reference) that put him with the likes of Chris Young, Trevor Cahill, and Shaun Marcum, Scherzer is definitely separating himself from that pack to become a legitimate ace.

Scherzer1Look for more of the same from Scherzer going forward as he replaces Justin Verlander as the best pitcher in the AL Central.


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