My Ballot for the IBWAA 2014 MLB Awards

I was lucky enough to earn a chance to join the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America this year, joining a group of internet bloggers and several other overqualified folks who aren’t members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Those of us who love baseball enough to write about it, most of the time for free, have found the IBWAA to be a blessing, as we have an opportunity to vote for the Hall of Fame and yearly awards without having the all encompassing vendetta that so many of the national writers take with them to their ballots, whether its a poor relationship or experience with a team or player, or the constant hatred of those who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

This is my first ballot, so I figured that I would publish it. Take a look and let me know what you think. NOTE: There is some sort of formatting issue with the last cell on the American League, as that should be for the AL Reliever of the Year.

American League ballot:


AL Cy Young


AL Manager


Mike Trout

Corey Kluber

Jose Abreu

Buck Showalter

Greg Holland


Nelson Cruz

Felix Hernandez

Matt Shoemaker

Mike Scioscia

Fernando Rodney


Michael Brantley

Chris Sale

Yordano Ventura

Bob Melvin

Zach Britton


Josh Donaldson

Max Scherzer


Kyle Seager

David Price


Adam Jones


Robinson Cano


Alex Gordon


Corey Kluber


Jose Abreu

the National League ballot:


What do you think?

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